Saturday, 6 September 2008

Outside In

The night started badly. James was absent, Paul had a headache and so only three of us arrived at the designated time in Harkers. This was against the rules.

The moment we did the math(s), we decided to go somewhere we like instead of continuing with a pub crawl of places we might not like, but as we wandered through the narrow cobbled streets in drizzle our minds began to rebel against city wall pub crawl and we sought a pub OUTSIDE the walls, which is why we found ourselves being stared at by the locals in the Gillygate. Which is actually a nice pub. Fast service and a bright and buzzing atmosphere on a Saturday night (but not in a Slug and Lettuce*/Pitcher and Piano way - more in a country pub way)

Following that we progressed to Keystones which is so nearly in the city walls it was accidentally added to our list at one point.

Thankfully, as we were nearing the end of our pint and our quiz machine tokens, Paul made it out to join us so we were permitted to venture back inside the walls:

Pub Number 32: The Royal Oak
This pub is on the CAMRA radar and, in my experience these pubs always make a good place for a nice sit down and a chat over a beer with friends. This was no exception.

The toilets were weird (but since I'm writing this several weeks (and pints) after the event, I can't recall why and I have a feeling it was more to do with the mens than the ladies), the atmosphere was warm and there were several condiment sachets on the table... so Lynne made a beer and Mint Sauce cocktail which 'made the beer taste nicer' and made Neil seriously reconsider their relationship.

Pub Number 33: The Lowther
The Lowther is full of young people who are trying to get wasted before heading to the Gallery night club (presumably to make it more bearable.) Despite this, the Lowther was also the only place that had a late licence in York back when I was a young person and so it does hold fond memories for me. The toilets were always horrible, and they seem to have gone some way to improving that. You used to be able to see up people's skirts when they walked up the stairs. They've put an end to that too. But enough of all this nostalgia - what's it like now?

Pretty much the same clientele - i.e. 5 - 10 years younger than us but in a very bearable way if you manage to get a seat. And we did.

There, Neil discovered his inner-old man:

Lynne discovered her inner child:

And we all discovered the joys of bluetooth:

Then we headed out over the makeshift bridge (I forgot to mention that the river views were 'closer than usual') for a romantic meal in Subway and a nice warm bed.

*Incidentally, Paul got searched on our vist to the Slug and Lettuce, Back Swinegate the other week - obviously when you're sporting a ginger beard, yellow t-shirt and Dr Who trainers, and you dare to enter the Slug and Lettuce, you look like a drug dealer

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