Saturday, 20 September 2008

Satur-Day ( Leanne's POV)

It was Saturday. It was a sunny day. I needed to get something to wear underneath my skirt so that I didn't flash my pants when spinning around on the dancefloor at the salsa event of York's year the following day, so I wandered into to town and found myself meandering the food stalls at the food festival, sampling the odd olive or bit of fudge. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Lynne and Neil pounced upon me. Neil twisted my arm behind my back until I screamed in pain, and noone in the crowded market took a blind bit of notice as Lynne held a blade to my throat and forced me to phone Paul and make him come to the pub...

Pub Number 36: Varsity
After I got over the shock of being kidnapped, and Neil had hypnotised me into believing that being in a sun-tickled beer garden on a Saturday afternoon, sipping lager was actually a good thing, I quite enjoyed Varsity.

From my past experiences of the place, I expect that on a Friday or Saturday night it is a place full of young people drinking caffeine loaded flourescent blue drinks and being obnoxious, but on a Saturday afternoon, it is quiet and pleasant. The sun streams through the windows and is absorbed into the newly carpeted floor, creating a warm glow in the room.

It was a bit cold sitting in the beer garden, but I suppose that's not the pub's fault.

The drinks are on the pricey side, unless you spend £2 on a V-card which gets you 25% off - and since I was buying 4 beers, I saved money by doing just that.

Paul turned up with another beer in his hand which meant that he got told off, and the 'spare' was shared between the remaining three drinkers.

Pub number 37: The Roman Bath
Since Lynne and Neil (or should that be Neil and Lynne?) had conspired to get me drunk, popping into a second pub on the way home didn't seem to be too much of a drain - especially since the pub of choice was the Roman Bath, which is more like an educational outing than a Saturday afternoon boozing because, true to it's name, the Roman Bath has a case full of Roman artefacts situated in the centre of the bar area. It also has a museum which can't be that good as it's only about £2.50 to get in - so we chose to sit in the bar drinking beer instead (well, it was either that or venture into the over-crowded beer garden.)

It was there that we reminisced about Lynne's Lager and Mint Sauce cocktail from a previous crawl whilst perusing the pub menu, and scared some tourists off by developing our very own pubcrawl 'handshake'...

Following the second lager of the day, I managed to escape my kidnappers and went home to bed for 4 hours.

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