Thursday, 18 September 2008

Mardi Gras

Pub Number 34 - Vodka Revolution
A rare Sunday outing saw us turn up to the Mardi Gras party night being hosted by Vodka Revolution. Since it is not the sort of place that would be appealing to us on a Saturday night, we decided tonight would be a good chance to pop in. Upon entry we were generously welcomed with Hawaiian Leis and a complementary glass of Cava. With lots of salsa people present we spread ourselves over two tables. James opted to sit with his salsa friends rather than his pub crawl friends. Being a Mardi Gras party the bar staff were all dressed up VERY camp. Despite the vast array of Vodka and cocktails available, you can thankfully still opt for a pint of Becks if you so wish. Atmosphere was predictably lively but not too busy.

Pub Number 35 - Bobo Lobos
Due to the number of salsa people present this evening we headed towards Bobo Lobos next for salsa. They have salsa nights on Sundays and Tuesdays, and on Tuesday night they have beginners and intermediates salsa lessons with York's very best and only profesionally trained and qualified salsa teachers Lossie and Gareth. Check out their website

Small dance floor but still good for a salsa fix. Being a Cuban bar there are plenty of cocktails on offer and a good selection of beer. It is probably the only bar in York where you risk the onset of altitude sickness if you visit the toilet since you have to climb about a hundred flights of stairs - so plan ahead!

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