Saturday, 20 September 2008

Saturday from Neil's (accurate) perspective

Whilst on a misson to find Lynne some shoes ("I'm not really in the mood for shoe shopping" exclaimed Lynne after wandering aimlessly around a couple of shops) we decided instead to check out the food festival.

After selecting some unusual cheeses we headed towards the pies. Having selected a nice pork, chicken and stuffing pork pie, I turned around to see Leanne homing in on yet another free sample. Before she could grab her next morsel I caught her attention and engaged her in some small talk. Since it was a fine sunny afternoon and I was quickly tiring of the small talk, I suggested going for a frosty cold beer. It took about half a second for Leanne and Lynne to agree, and a bit longer for Leanne to decide she'd better ring Paul so that we could cross a few more pubs off.

As we set off towards Judges Lodgings I decided I needed some food. Going for a quick fix I headed to the bakery for a steak slice and let the others go ahead to get the beers in. Upon tucking into the slice I managed to burn all the taste buds and skin from the inside of my mouth due to the steak being HOTTER THAN THE SUN!! By the time it had cooled down enough to finish, the others had made their way to Varsity due to overcrowding at Judges.

We made our way outside to the beer garden and because of the need to cool my mouth down I set about consuming my pint at a fairly speedy pace. When Paul showed up with his own pint, Leanne added some of the one she'd bought for him into each of our glasses (but due to Lynne being a slow drinker I had some of her share too). We then decided to head off to The Roman Bath since daytime means no live band, karaoke or scary drunk old people!

Since Leanne's blog entry describing the pubs is quite accurate I won't comment further on the establishments themselves, but I will say that the Roman Bath was quite pleasant on this saturday afternoon.

After drinking 2 and a half pints we decided to head home and line our stomach with some delicious cheese and pie before the evening's festivities.

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