Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Double Drink Pub Crawl

Pub 28: Hole in the Wall
On Saturday night we started the pub crawl with a visit to the hole in the wall to get some money out before venturing forth to the Hole in the Wall to get some imaginary drinks.

Then, since imaginary drinks didn't quench our thirst we got some real drinks. Lynne was wearing a grey top, which weirdly enough was the same colour as her 'purple' one.

In this traditional English pub, a pint costs £3.01, which everybody seems to think of as expensive, yet to me, it seems to be about average judging by many of the other pubs in York - unless you go to a Sam Smith's pub or a chain place like Wetherspoons or Yates'* I was more interested in the fact that it was £3 and one pence.

We were joined by special guest crawlers Jo and George who no doubt added some sort of something to the evening. Since Paul and I were half an hour late, everybody else had 2 pints on top of their imaginary ones in here.

The toilets had pretty curtains in them.

Pub 29: Three Legged Mare
The Three Legged Mare, or Wonkey Donkey as it is known (see what they did there) sells a variety of beers and ales likely to please the most hardened of real ale drinkers. One of them is called Dragon Slayer. Saying that, I think we all opted for lager or cider.

As well as being a decent pub for saturday night shennanigans (well we didn't get too many strange looks when we were all staring down at my camera which was on the floor), this is also a good pub to drink in the beer garden in the rain after a bit of horseriding.

Despite the lack of seating on our arrival, we actually stayed in this pub for a second pint which has been unheard of since the pub crawl began. By this time, we did acquire a table to sit around (or it could have been a barrel) and we also acquired two new guest pub crawlers - Steve and Maddy who were lucky enough to be there at the end of our very first crawl.

Pub 30: The Slug and Lettuce - Back Swinegate
Expensive and loud is what this place is - but at least by 11pm on a Saturday night all of the think-they-are-cool-and-trendy 20-30 somethings have pissed off to the gallery or Ziggys or some other such torture chamber, leaving us with a large table where we could just about have a conversation over the music. The toilets were clean enough and since we had a seat and we're all getting on a bit - we stayed for two drinks here too. The pink wine was nice, if a little expensive. If memory serves me right - this place is actually quite pleasant during the daytime for a spot of lunch.

The quiz machine boasted Raiders of the Lost Quiz which was kind enough to give us £7 in return for £1 and answering a few questions.

We made good use of George's hat:

After that, Lynne, Neil Jo, Steve and Maddy went back to Neil's Tavern for some rock band action and Leanne and Paul went home to bed, as Leanne was meant to be writing some sort of 3000 report the following day (she didn't), and Paul was meant to be walking from Leeds to York (He did).

*Oh my God - I've just realised that we have to go to Yates'

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