Monday, 22 September 2008

Satur-Night (By Leanne)

After 4 hours sleep, a bit of food and a couple of episodes of Property Ladder, we were ready to hit the town again for the evening session of Pub Crawl:

Pub Number 38: Pivo
That afternoon, when we parted, the conversation went something like this:
Neil: so where are we meeting then?
Leanne: That new place near the market
N: Which one is that?
L: You know, the little one that we were going to go in once, but then didn't because it looked too busy. I think its near a travel agent. Near the market
N: What's it called?
L: I dunno
Lynne: Does it begin with a P? Peepo, peebon...
L: It doesn't matter - we all know where it is - let's just go there...

...Later that day...

Leanne's phone: Ring Ring
N: What's this pub called again? We're at the market near where we thought it was... but it's not here
L: It's just down an alley near the market. Begin's with a P
N: Ah - is it Pivo?
L Sounds right to me
N Found it. See you in a bit
Leanne's Phone: Click

So was it worth the effort?

In a word, Yes. It's a pub that seems rife with clients of our peer group (after much discussion, we decided that we were 'young professionals') and its a pub that sells beer called Bernard.

It sells raspberry Bernard for the girls and lager flavoured Bernard for the boys.

It is set in a wonderfully rickety and sloping tudor building. Neil thought that it was a bit too warm.

Pub Number 39: The Snickelway
A snickelway is northern dialect term for an alleyway and this small, but cosy pub suits it's name perfectly. Its a place you can take your grandad to warm his feet on the fire over a nice pint of bitter. It's a place where you might not get a seat if you turn up at the wrong time, but if you turn up at the right time you might get far too many seats. Its a place where you can never tell which is the right time and which it the wrong time...

Pub Number 40: The Golden Slipper
On the wall of one of the rooms in the Golden slipper is a list of all the pubs in York in 1888 and 1988. It turns out that there were loads more in the 19th century than in the 20th century and that we'd be better off living then as it is from these earlier times that the stories of a different pub in York for every day of the year emerged.... but I digress...

For a Saturday night the Golden Slipper was very empty. Since I have only visited this ale house once before on a weekday afternoon when it was a lot busier, I can't say whether this was the norm or a freak occurence, but no matter, we enjoyed the space and Lynne and I made use of a whole room by ourselves while Neil went to investigate the jukebox and Paul played with my

The jukebox, as far as I recall was quite old skool, but fared well enough to impress Neil into buying some tunes which we duly listened to before departing for the walk home.

Pub Number 41: 1331
Well, we were on our way home (honest) when we happened to walk by 1331 and popped in for a quick drink in the company of people who were mostly in the age-group below 'young professionals'. Still, it provided a nice stop off to warm our hands on the 'fire' with some reasonably priced drinks.

"If only it was a bit quieter" one of our number shouted into another's ear, "it would probably be quite good in here."

We'll just have to visit on a weekday to see if we were right.


Anonymous said...

Seems you've ommited an important part of our phone conversation. something to do with the time we'd arranged to meet?!

Leanne said...

Well, I can't bore our readers with all the tiny little details can I? Feel free to post your own version of events... ;o)