Saturday, 2 August 2008

Have you got your IDs please?

Pub Number 10: Brigantes
This evenings crawl began in Brigantes on Micklegate. James was slightly late, since he was looking for the pub on the wrong side of the walls. But made up for it by drinking duvel (8.5%) and telling us the story about wearing a skirt. Apparently it was a lovely evening for wearing a skirt (?).

(The big white hand belongs to James)

Anyway, the pub itself was ok. Good choice of German and Belgian beer if you're in to that sort of thing. We're not. Toilets we're nice. Toilet roll available, always a bonus.

Pub Number 11: The Artful Dodger
The next pub on the list was The Nags Head as Leanne wanted to get it out of the way. However, it looked a bit scary so we went to The Artful Dodger instead.

Despite our initial reservations (and the intimidating Vikings) this turned out to be a good drinking place. Leanne spent her birthday Nuts money on the quiz machine. We lost.

Leanne then slapped Paul. Paul sulked. James wasn't overly impressed by the barstaff (too hairy and too male). Toilets were not good. Unbranded condom and tampon machine and wonky toilet seats.

Pub Number 12: The Yorkshire Hussar
Next we frequented The Yorksire Hussler (known to everyone who isn't James as The Yorkshire Hussar). Good atmosphere, connect four on the quiz machine, James broke a table so we can never go back there.

Pub Number 13: The Maltings
Next on our crawl was the Maltings. Good selection of fruit wines. James was talked into trying another strong beer (8.4%) by the barman. It came in an unusual glass with a wooden handle/holder. It was 'surprisingly light!'

Excellent decor.

Pub Number 14: The Corner Pin
At this point most of us were up for going home despite the fact it was only 11.15pm. Someone (we'll never know who, as they won't want to admit to it) suggested Flares. As there was a queue to get in we found ourselves in the pub opposite - the Corner Pin. Neil checked it was still serving (it was open til 1am) so we headed for the door, only for the nice lady bouncer to ask us for IDs. We excitedly reached for our driving licences and laughed our way in to the bar.

Clientelle left something to be desired and the men's toilets were rather cramped as if someone was washing/drying their hands at the same time as relieving oneself. James managed to get in several shorts in the time it took for others to consume their pints.

Pub Number 15: Flares
A queueless Flares then drew us in and surprisingly a good time was had by all! The fact that most of us (apart from 1 group member) were Flares virgins probably helped.

Again, clientelle were questionable and the mountain of broken glass on the floor was displeasing, but that was all forgotten once all 5 of us made it onto the dance floor.

James was busting some jaw dropping moves on the dancefloor and catching the attention of some local wenches. Just as he was going to make a move, we decided it was time to leave (sorry James!). Post-crawl munchies split the group in two.

The chicken lovers went via Yummy Chicken and the non-chicken lovers went to Vikings Kitchen for kebabs and burgers. The final stop on this evening's crawl was Neil's tavern where one last beer was enjoyed along with plenty of Rock Band action.

An early contender for best bar in York due to the good atmosphere, high class clientelle, quality beer, first class toilet facilities, on site accommodation available upon request and an AMAZING selection of music always available.
Lynne & Neil

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