Thursday, 21 August 2008

Why We Shouldn't Take the Pub Quiz on Tour

Pub 24- The Last Drop Inn
We controversially decided to take the pub quiz on tour this evenng, so instead of going to the usual Mason Arms we found ourselves in the Last Drop Inn. Despite a busy pub we managed to secure the last barrel table and two chairs ahead of some keen looking swots.

Unlike in the Masons where the quiz is free and you get free sandwiches after, here we had to pay a whole 50p each!! Luckily I found a dusty pound on the floor behind the pringle machine to pay for Neil and myself. Leanne and Paul conveniently turned up after the guy had been round collecting money. Perhaps this explains what happened next....

Now, we've been to a few quizzes in our time but this was the first one with personal table service. The quiz master came round to each team individually to ask two questions at a time. (We can only assume his microphone was broken). However, when he failed to visit our barrel not once, not twice, but thrice, we got a bit pissed off at being left out of the quiz. We marched out of there vowing to take our revenge through this blog. The Last Drop Inn is a stupid, unwelcoming pub! DO NOT EVER go there! (Unless you're out on a first date on a quiet Sunday evening and want a place to sit and snog!)

Pub 25 - The Old White Swan
We were aware of another quiz taking place here this evening so we thought we'd try our luck with that. However, this pub has a complicated lay out to it and we only managed to find seats in the area that the quiz was not happening in.

You can go into different parts of the pub depending on what mood you're in. There is a posh dining area one side, and a rowdy bar full of locals in the other side (which meant that this evening the quiz machine was inaccessible). The mens toilet, whilst impressing with the fine decor, is let down by the type of urinal which was difficult to access without stepping in a flood of p**s. Usually its not a bad pub, but with the disappointment of the previous establishment still fresh in our minds, it wasn't much fun in here tonight. We quietly sulked while downing our pints and made a quick exit.

Pub 26 - Ko Ko
Ko Ko was ok ok! This rather cosy bar had an extensive selection of international beers that were very expensive but its worth treating yourself once in a while. Paul's beer for the lads and strawberry beer for the girls.

It was very friendly, the kind of place where they would lend you an umbrella if it was raining. It was raining. Lots. And unfortunately for Paul, the mens toilets were outside. The girls toilets on the other hand, were situated next to a condemned building site!

Definitely one to visit for a quiet drink with friends.

Pub 27 - The Cross Keys
Our arrival coincided with last orders and we found ourselves in a fairly empty pub. Luckily that meant the best quiz machine ever was free to eat our money.

Had Neil not been distracted by the best Juke Box ever, perhaps we would have won some money. We did get to pull the barmaid but for Neil the experience was a tad disappointing after all the build up. Despite being the last people left in the pub, we didn't get told to drink up. Another friendly pub and in Neil's opinion you should head here if only for the vast array of Charlatans tracks on the Juke Box.

After a pleasant end to a somewhat disappointing evening earlier on, we merrily paddled home in the rain.

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