Saturday, 12 July 2008

Round One

iIt was Saturday night, it was the York races, and yet we still saw fit to venture into the drunken race going masses to start on our epic adventure.

Pub Number 1: The Ackhorne
Lynne and Neil arrived early and proceded to fight off the race goers and preserve us some seats. We didn't take any photos.

When I suggested this pub crawl, it was intended as a way for us to venture out into new pubs and find somewhere different to drink on a Saturday night. In spite of the fact that there's little point in going back there until the pub crawl has finished, it is one to bear in mind as a future Saturday night watering hole.

Can't comment on the prices. I didn't buy a round.

Pub Number 2: The Golden Ball
Surprisingly deserted on this fine saturday evening which suited our purposes just fine.

Another pub which is worth another visit. Can't comment on prices, I didn't buy a round.

Pub Number 3: City Screen
As one comedian describes it - an overly pretentious cinema. Neil's friend Steve was there, so while James went home to bed, we went to the bar.

Pints probably cost close to £3 in here (still not my round though!). Would go again for a sun soaked daytime pint on the terrace, a trip to the cinema, or the Sunday Night Other Side Comedy Club.

Pub 4: Dusk
It was past closing time (yes, some pubs still close at 11pm in York, just like in the old days) and luckily, more than just the Lowther is open after hours these days, so we stumbled on into Dusk where I bought some drinks which cost approximately £3.10 - £3.20 a pint. I'll probably go back, but I'm still not sure I like it in there...

Paul and I flipped the bird at Lynne and Neil...

...and they... pointed some fingers together at us.

Then we went home.

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