Saturday, 14 March 2009

Miniature Crooked Crawl

Pub Number 52: The Black Swan
The Black Swan is a great pub. It's old and crooked, like all good pubs should be and sells proper ale. There is only one bar but 3 ground floor rooms to choose from and 1 upstairs room which often has live music and comedy to fill it up. As James so aptly reviewed "I like this pub. It's full of wood". On this occasion we were joined by special guest crawler Ellie.

Pub Number 53: The Golden Fleece
The original premise behind this crawl was to make it an 'L' Shaped one, incorporating the Black Swan, The Golden Fleece and the Lamb and Lion (all pubs which contain Ls) However, because of our tardy ways and the tendency of such pubs to shut at 11pm this wasn't to be and the Golden Fleece was our final stop of the night where official pub crawl bisiness was concerned. The Golden Fleece is also 'Full of wood' and is a bit crooked. To Ellie's disdain, it is also (allegedly) haunted.

By virtue of the fact that this place is open late, opposite James' flat, in between Lynne and Neils and Mine and Paul's house and has a decent quiz machine, we ended up back there on our way home where we won £4 on the snooker game and Neil got into a (non-violent) fight.

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