Monday, 9 March 2009

The Kings Tuns

Pub Number 49: The Kings Arms
On a sunny saturday afternoon, if you're up for a bit of Hen Night baiting, the Kings Arms would be a great place to go. It's riverside beer garden makes it a magnet for tourists in the summer, and unfortunately, much of York's Saturday afternoon beer tourism is made up of hen nights. The Kings Arms doesn't cater for the other half (football fans) since it is primarily an outdoor kind of place.

On this slightly chilly spring evening we met for a pint of Sam Smiths ale inside the pub where we found a sheltered corner to sit and wait for Liz and Dave to join us on their first crawl. They never made it, so we sulked a bit before moving on the the next pub in an attempt to salvage the night and making it into official pub crawl business.

Pub Number 50: The Three Tuns
This oft overlooked watering hole is actually pretty decent. Bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, there was still a place for us to sit in spite of the crowds. For the first half pint it appeared that Lynne and I were the only female customers in the place, but that was soon rectified by the mega huge hen night which snaked it's way right to the back of the long thin room, lowering the tone of the place as it went.

Pub Number 51: The Terrace
We failed to make it to the Golden Fleece before closing time, so the nearest pub to it was the Terrace.  In spite of our negative perceptions of the place being a football hooligan hangout, we were pleasantly surprised to sit at the solid wooden tables in the quiet bar.  As long as you're not planning to dance on any tables, you might like this pub:

It was near to closing time for this pub too when we entered, so after just one drink, we made our way home.

Neil sampled a kebab burger the way.

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