Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Let's play Nuts Nuts Nuts Nuts Nuts

If you watched the pub quiz video, You'll probably have noticed that we tend to go to the pub quiz on a Wednesday night.

Unfortunately, the Masons Arms is not inside the city walls, but would qualify for the future perimeter of the walls pub crawl (just announced by me)

After a little bit of debate we determined that our regular post quiz wetherspoons quiz machine location does qualify and that we can tick pub number 5 off the list:

Pub Number 5: The Postern Gate

  • Wetherspoons, so cheap.
  • Good selection of beers, though they've probably run out of most of them
  • Staff move very slowly
  • Two quiz machines, which is an improvement on one which there used to be
  • Bit dark and dingy

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