Monday, 9 February 2009

One Cold Wintry Night

This Saturday, we finally got on the road again with a proper effort at crawling between pubs:

Pub Number 48: Harkers
Last time we tried Harkers, we failed. This time however, 4 of us managed to meet up in the same place at the same time and bask in the warmth of the giant living room feel this particular bar specialises in. For us, very warm meant very good because it was very cold outside.

Pub Number 49: Judges Lodgings
This is yet another pub we tried to complete on a previous occasion, and failed. Last time it was a beautiful summer's day and we chose the pub for the vast and welcoming sun drenched beer garden, rather than the scabby interior, slow service and pricey pints. This time we chose it because a)we have to go in at some time; b)It is very close to Harkers and it was freezing outside. This visit revealed that the interior isn't that scabby after all, though the bright lighting ruined the atmosphere, the service is slow and the pints are pricey. It was also cold. Or that could have just been in comparison to Harkers...

Pub Number 50: Thomas's
Just round the corner, past the off license, there is a pub that noone (I know) would ever think to go in unless they were doing a pub crawl of all the pubs within the city walls. It was a big, empty pub, with a video juke box (so that pleased Neil). It sold us beer, so we were happy. 

It is also a friendly pub where people ask 4 complete strangers to keep an eye on all of their, and their friend's belongings while they go make a phone call and all of their friends have gone to the toilet / bar. Fortunately we are friendly and trustworthy souls who didn't steal any of said belongings while we were 'looking after' them.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we finally got round to emailing the landlord of the Masons Arms to let him know that there's a song about his pub on YouTube.

Pub number 51: Orgasmic
Paul found his way there via a secret passage, just like in Cluedo. Lynne turned my beer into wine (not quite as impressive as the old 'water into wine' trick, but quite good all the same.) We discussed the fact that Orgasmic isn't a 'pub' and it isn't a 'bar' and it isn't a 'nightclub' and that it is a bit 'weird'*. We noticed that the young man on the table next to us was wearing red pants. Paul was wearing blue pants.

*Conclusion: "we're too old to be in this strange place, with its loud music and flourescent coloured drinks, full of young people drinking too much and having a dance"

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