Saturday, 19 July 2008

Salsa or Beer...? You Decide!

Lynne chose both at the same time.

I chose salsa (in the street in the rain), then beer later.

Paul and Neil chose beer.

James chose Bournemouth

Pub Number 6: VJs Art Bar
It does cost £3.20 a pint in there but it's got quite a nice atmosphere if you're young and trendy. As we aren't, we didn't stay long. Personally, I'd go back for lunch, but maybe not for Saturday night shenannigans.

Pub Number 7: The York Arms
Reputed to be a gay bar, the York Arms is a Sam Smiths pub which generally means less than £2 a pint. Nice

I liked it, but unfortunately, Lynne knocked Neil off a stool so I can probably never go back there, even if I wanted to. I'd be too ashamed!

Pub Number 8: The Stone Roses

A favourite of Neil's. He likes the music:

Though strangely, no matter how much Lynne and I request Country Girl, he won't dance to it anymore.

Still, if You like your indie and your ears to explode, this bar is one for you. Really loud music, no way of remembering how much the beer costs because you have to drink so much of it to stop your ears hurting, queue to get in when it's half empty.

We'll be back!

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