Saturday, 11 July 2009

Some low-gear Sunday evening crawling

Pub Number 68: Stonegate Yard
Whenever people talk about "The New Oscars" I'm always a bit unsure whether they're talking about the location that Oscars has now moved to, or if they're referring to the bar that now occupies the former premises of said Oscars. Usually they mean the former, but I tend to assume the latter, resulting in general confusion. Anyway, pub number sixty eight was the latter, Stonegate Yard.

Although the food menu is pretty much exactly the same as it used to be when it was Oscars (same huge portions and tasty burgers), the same can't be said for the choice of beer available. Nowadays your choice of draught beers is pretty much limited to Becks (although they do still have wine on tap), and the bottle choice doesn't fare much better - Corona or Newcastle Brown Ale is about your lot.

Still, a nice hidden spot that's great for sitting outside in the sun. Shame it was raining, although that did mean we got to see the extending Wimbledon-style roof in action.

Pub Number 69: Wildes
After the complete lack of service we experienced last time we came here to eat we had vowed never to return, but it serves beer and is within the city walls, so we didn't have much choice.

It was pretty quiet when we got here, with just a few other people finishing off meals, and by the time we were half way through our drinks we were the only table of people there.

It's a nice and cosy place, but not really a drinking hotspot, especially on a Sunday.

I've just remembered that they have Leffe on tap, I should have got one of those...

Pub Number 70: The Biltmore
Last time I was in the Biltmore it was a Saturday night and a bit more on the lively side (completely rammed instead of there only being about a dozen people there).

The rather grand surrounding seems to be somehow more suited to the quieter Sunday night atmosphere though, without the smartly-dressed-but-incredibly-drunk crowd that you'll find there on a Friday or Saturday.

Things we learned: the drinks aren't as expensive as we thought they would be, they seemed to be pretty much the same as any other bar in the city centre.

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