Monday, 6 April 2009

Pub Bores

Pub Number 55: Yates
Imagine a place where all the people in it are on hen nights, dressed in black T-Shirts with pink writing labelling them (ironically) as 'Classy Clare' or 'Awsome Audrey'. Add in some Topman be-shirted middle-aged blokes on the prowl for drunk hens. Imagine that this place plays the loudest of the loud tracks, spun by the very best amongst cheesy wedding DJs, complete with indecipherable mumbling between the tracks. Imagine the delighted squeals as Chesney Hawkes' voice rings out of the (probably) massive speakers. Imagine the even louder squeals when Brown Eyed Girl starts up and Tarty Tracey is given a shout out.

Add to this picture 4 quiet characters, sat shivering over a pint in their cold, dark, but slightly quieter corner, and you have a pretty accurate impression of 8:30 - 9:00pm on Saturday night.

Imagine having to fight your way through the wedding veil bedecked women in order to get out... urgh.

Pub Number 56: O'Neills
Following on from the Trauma of a Saturday Night in Yates', O'Neills brought to us a welcoming vibe. It was warm, bright, lively, not too loud, brilliant. But we're not sure whether those judgements are just in comparison to Yates' or in general. Looks like we'll need to go back to find out!

Lynne got through this much of her wine before we were forced to have a wine-drinking competition to finish it off.  

Paul won.

Pub Number 57: Plonkers
This is a great bar for lunch and dinner. It usually has a warm twinkling atmosphere, overpriced beer and uncomfortable bench seating in addition to chairs and stools. Tonight it was let down a bit by being very quiet, a bit wet (the stone floor), a bit cold, and having a rubbish quiz machine. I would recommend it for daytime and early evening drinking and dining, but Saturday night just doesn't cut the mustard.

In spite of the fact that it was only 11:30pm when we finished our drinks, we're all bored of pubs by now and so went home to bed.

Might be 4-8 weeks before we get back to crawling since Paul and I are off on a USA Roadtrip for the rest of April, But stay tuned.

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