Thursday, 9 October 2008

Normal Services Will Be Resumed... Eventually

Well it seems that the blog will be quiet for the next few weeks, not because we're arguing about whose turn it is to post (there's no need - it's Paul's turn), but because we're all so damn busy:

Paul and I are in the middle of a weekends-in-October tour of the UK (St Helens, Manchester, Birmingham, Lichfield, Reading...), Lynne is on the African Leg of her own small world tour, and Neil's having a nose job (or something to that effect) which will render him out of action for a few days. And lets face it -James' attendence is intermittent at best.

Maybe we'll take a moment to comment on the pubs in Birmingham, and we should probably definitely comment on the pubs in Reading since we will all be there, visiting guest pub crawler, Comedy Jo.

Whatever happens over the next few weeks, don't worry about us, we'll be back crawiling along within the city wall limits in no time.

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